Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Game

What if we lose anything in our life? What will you guys feel about it? Do you guys experience it? I had experience everything above those question. 03/07/2010 Saturday, starting with a rainy day in the morning at Taman Eng Ann, S.M.J.K. Kwang Hua to play a football match that I had never touched the field to play a real and officially football match for a long time. Before the game start, two teams facing each others and looking at the ball and the game started after my opponent team take the kick off. A nice free kick was taken by my team and that score and made it a starting and opening goal for the game. After that, our striker had put in two goals and following by me with two goals too. Before half time, guess what? The opponent team had put in three goals in the net and is that same person, he got the hat-trick first. That would be sad for me, that I already aim for a hat-trick. Half time, everyone had their good rest and in 10minutes time everyone was ready up and start second half. Kick off by our team and that second half going on process, many embarrassing came on second half that I won't list out in this blog but till the end, the opponent team won the game with the score 9-7. That's how I lost the game in my life and felt quite sad, never mind guys we had our good game! We can trash them in the next up-coming game.

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