Monday, July 12, 2010

Funny Futsal

World Cup fever already came to an end. Before the finals start, My friends and I was having a futsal game as usual as we do on sunday. Guess what happened in the game, It was quite funny futsal I ever had played. 1st, Hao Qi shot a ball in front of Bryant, then Bryant blocked the shot between his laps and it definitely felt pain for him which as known as a Stick man or Kayu. However, the game continue where Bryant laid himself at a corner resting and recovering his painfulness. Besides that, Justin made a shot and was blocked by Joel with his stomach, that would made Joel had a bad stomached, so the other team had 2 injured man down. After that, I also made a person injured in the game, that person was half Jurong's and half Klang's or maybe half Kota Kemuning's church member, Sean Lim. I knocked his finger with my knee, that would be a painful feelings to him. Now the most funny part was when Tze Wei threw the ball with his full strength and guess what, that ball actually hit Daryl's face and straight Daryl fell down. That act made everyone in the game laughed until non-stop. So, in the end the whole team was injured except only one surviver, Tze Wei. We should try to take the whole futsal game with video record and that can make a good and nice memory for us. Anyway, it was a good game in the end, everyone still played their best especially Bryant with his happy feet.

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