Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rare Caterpillar

A Rare Caterpillar eating our kari leaf...

Few Hours At Putra Jaya

This morning, I had my breakfast with I missing it long ago that is Bak Kut Teh. After I had my breakfast, my parents and I went to Putra Jaya. When we reached Putra Jaya, the place is so big, the lampost beside the road in Putra Jaya will many kinds, there had curve shape, round shape and alot more. The most important will be the Prime Minister's Office, I think Malaysia wanted to copy some ideas from United State taking their White House ideas to build Prime Minister's Office. At the mean time, I had a Ais Kacang with a big scuop of ice-cream on the top, we shared the ais kacang together. We stoped down few times on the road to take some picture, a beautiful lake there, nice landskape, a big mousem with a golden stick top there and many big buliding along the way. We end our trip at Putra Jaya at 1p.m.++ and get home about 3.30p.m.++. Thanks God for the safe journey and not lost at the highway.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Student Event Coming Back

This year I'm taking P.M.R. and the result will be out on 30th December quite a long wait for that. After taking the result, our student life will be back, this time is not normal is has more subject to study. More and more time will be taken, less DotA match, less futsal, less taking care of my dogs. But I must go on with it, do the best and try the best.

Pulau Ketam Trip

This Christmas, I went for double P.K.-Port Klang and Pulau Ketam. I started with my journey together with my parents to the train station at Teluk Gadong. We waited the train that my dad's friend come down from Subang and we travel the same train. When arrive Port Klang train station, my cousin, Julien is waiting for us outside the train station. We take ferry together to Pulau Ketam, it take 45minutes to reach the place. When we step down the ferry, there quite numbers of people visting Pulau Ketam. We take a walk around the street, there are many stores, restaurants. We settle down to a quite famous restaurant and we having famous bambo shell and few seafoods. After the lunch, we went visit the fish farm guide, the fishes there were rare year and year. The fishes having their foods were the small fish, some of the fishes rush for the food and some of the fishes wait the small fish sink down and eat it. After the vists we when back to the main Pualu Ketam place, we quickly bought our things and get on the ferry. We when back to Port Klang train station, Julien went back home with his father were already waiting for him, then we 4 were have to take train back home. When we are back to our sweet home, all of us quite tired and went take a nap. Thanks God for giving me a safe journey.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

This Christmas eve, I went watch a movie 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'. This movie make us know about friendship, loving care and teach us how to rare a fashion dog. The movie is quite nice for me because I love dog and I get learn a word of Spanish-Adios=Good Bye. After that, my friend and I take a walk in the Jusco, he bought a expensive pants for RM100++, but is discount to RM50++, wow he really spend that money on that Hush Puppies brand short pant. Thanks for my mother spending that time for me and also my money spender friend.