Monday, July 12, 2010

MBO(Despicable Me in 3D)

After a tiring futsal game, my parents invited me to joined them for movie at the Habour Place which located near my housing area. That night was my first night went to Habour Place, that building actually looks quite nice to me. That place had just opened for business not long ago, and there only had a Geylang Kopitiam and the theaters on going their business. So we went to floor 7 which only filled the cinemas business, so we got the theater number 10 which is the most biggest theater in there. Took our 3D glasses and went in the theater room, guess what how many persons was in the room? There was just 6 people was in the room waiting the movie plus we all just numbered to 9 not even reached 10 people, I wondered how they survive their business. So, the movie started with some trailers as usual. The movie to me was quite normal, nothing special except the workers look cute and funny to me. ''Butt, hehehehe, Butt, hehehe.''

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