Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Amazing gRace

The Amazing gRace was awesome, thanks to the organizers and the participates who totally enjoy themselves. There was quite numbers of games and funs we can have, and also each team had their great fellowship with one another. As I team along with aunty Lee Hua, Jason, Jia Xun and of course Jia Xun's mom, this team was totally awesome. First of all, having the groups pictures and continue with some light exercise with some poses, and that we can all start our race. After reading the clue, we took off and went to the Andalas's McDonald, there we had to do word puzzle in 5 mins time, but we didn't manged to done all the word. Continue, we had one game by the organizers asking us question without us answering with ''YES,NO,MAYBE,ERR..., or PAUSE FOR A WHILE''. The boy who always not enough of sleep can't think fast so I just manged to answered one correct and out of 4 I got paints on my face with wrong answers. Next task at Taman Rakyat, a spoon, a ping pong, a packet of flour, a plastic plate and one small broken brick to form into one game and that game was easy for my team with doing some tango dance while we need to turn around the brick. Go for the next destination Andalas's Court, a needy stamina game. Every team had to run around the building, thus dribble the ball with some few cones then shoot the ball into the box which prepared there. Let's continue to the next which was Randall's Padamaran Aircraft station with fills with some colored paper airplane and its landed inside a yellow boxes and threw our flyable paper plane to reach about 1.3Meters away from us. Blind fold Istana play ground peeling some 9 stickers and fix the puzzle, should be another easy game for my team. Next destination, Melawis's Loh Mee, but we had to drink special Loh Mee sup and get our punishment for eating a jelly with tabascom that was nice but I think I having some light stomached. Fruits with total up Rm5.55 just around the Melawis's corner and basketball court we are coming. Bowling at basketball court was like so ''fun'', I think if they ask us to shoot basketball that would be more easy for my team I think, but thanks to Joel for giving me extra chances to broke down 8 cups only. End our last stop at church buildings, now we had to do whole 5 team members step into one newspaper and the newspaper fold into more smaller and smaller. Fortunate, my team manged to done all the parts, that would be cool with giving our team some ''discount''. Lastly, breaking the word ''resurrection'' into other forms of words and my team mange to done 78 words. In the end, guess what, Aunty Lee Hua's team last year got the last, but this year she got the 1st place and the gold medals belongs to our team, Hooray to Aunty Lee Hua's team(Aunty Lee Hua, the driver, Jason Yu, Jia Xun, Jia Xun's mom and of course the main player me). Thanks God gave us the safe journey for all the people were in the event and once again it was quite satisfaction amazing gRace this year. Too sad for the people didn't join for the race.

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