Friday, June 4, 2010

New Things

After a many many century for dead blog, I try to post at least one new post for my readers. For so long that I was sitting my examination on the ''Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor'''s papers, finally all the hard works, studies, revision, exercises had ended with my last difficulty account paper. Yet tomorrow every kindergarten, primary, secondary schools's students start their favorite part of their life, that HOLIDAYS. For this year, my holidays going to be a badly holidays. Tuition everywhere, everyplace, every time, my diamond, golden, prefect time has to fly with all this events. Unfortunate, I ended my examination with my item that always beside me, my phone had just going to be a mental phone, but when I want to ask for a new and more upgraded phone, you know what? My mom just brought back a LCD Television back home. Oh no, that means I can't change my item to a better item. I need something to make my mood go better that would be going to church event on singpiration, have a night out with my church friends and the last would be majority teenagers favorite game, Defense of the Ancient(DotA). Hopefully tomorrow basketball turn into a good event and well planned to have. S.P.M. 's students all the best on your last few months.

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