Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Want, Never Gets

I can't believe how long its taken,
Or how we got here.
I've you in my mind since I meet you,
Yet is on my mind forever.

I want our life keep on going,
And our hands to hold.
I want you to feel my sacrifice,
Comfort me when I am weak.

I want to have you beside me ,
And not to be afraid.
I want to live together,
In a home that we have made.

In the morning when we wake,
I can to see you smile.
Tell you wait for my lovely words,
And that its all worth while.

I don't want empty words,
Or you to tell me lies.
I might seem vulnerable,
But deep down I am wise.

My only dream i wish,
Is that someday it shall come true.
That you will love me,
As much as I love God and you.

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