Monday, February 9, 2009

Celebrate My Grandmother Birthday As Well As My Cousin And My Brother

Before the last day of Chinese New Year. My family and I celebrated my grateful grandmother who taking care each one of us while we still young and small. At the time, we also together celebrate my cousin and also my brother who at Kampar studying. Unfortunate, my brother can't celebrate with us. At the first event we had our dinner together, the dinner was wonderful to each one of us and also expensive.After having our wonderful dinner, all of us gather at my house. At the time, my brother was online and everyone of us had a lot of words with him, so we use web cam and throw our words to him at the same time, so he very confuse. In the end, we let our grandmother to speak to him first. After all the chatting, we have our yee shang. Next, we rested awhile and I went and play games with Eugene Lin, for awhile his internet disconnected. About 10p.m. we had our cake, thanks to my cousin bought it. Everyone enjoy that day, even the small two kids.
Even thought how old are you, how weak are you, how sad are you... We still love you.

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