Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kuala Selangor Trip

A wonderful whole Saturday trip to Kuala Selangor. At first, my parents and I went to U.O.A. to had our lunch there then we continue our journey to Shell house at K.L. after that we took our bus straight to Kuala Selangor, it took 1 hour 35mins to reached there. There were many natural things and also you can learn many things from there, like the sliver-leaf monkey - the monkey hair like Beckham as what they said and their baby is orange in colour while they were 1-6 months after 6-12 is change to black in coloured, Mangrove trees - there were 3 level of mangrove tree, the first level is the pencil root, the second level is the knee root and the last root is slict root, this mangrove trees can proctect us from strong water wave as you is tsunami. While waiting for the other two buses to come, the staff showed us a video about the beginning of Malaysia until now. The video was totally nice even thought I saw the British and the Japan in Malaysia, I can tell you Malaysia really improve alot from the time 1957. After the two buses of people were here, we had our Nature Hunt. The Nature Hunt game was nice, we had 6 groups. We start our hunt inside the park which like forest, we had to answered quite many questions they provided. While in the park, we can observed many natural things, we saw the muddskipper which now 34 species in this world and this park had two. We even climbed up the watchtower to get our clue while we up there, we had to spotted a bird and tell them what type of bird was that. In the last task, we need to folded a naturalcraft. After finish that task we rush to the end and we missed out the chop then we rush back again, we missed out the question, so we rush back to the office again, I also join with my father and the team leader run here and there. Guess what my group got runner-up. After all the groups were finish their task, we had our dinner. We had a wonderful seafood dinner, we had omlet oyster, mantis, fried sotong, nestum prawn, fish ball soup, vegetable, fish cook with Tae Chew style, crabs and also the desert is ....watermelon. After the dinner, they giving out the prizes to all the winning of the Natural Hunt. Now we were going our last activity at Kuala Selangor that is the firefly, the firefly is one very small beetle that shine their light so bright, it only lived for 3-4 months. 30 mins on the sampam to observed the firefly, that one firefly fly to my father life jacket and it don't want to fly back, even my father's friend take picture with using flash. In the end, it move inside my father life jacket and my father bring it to his hand, we had a closer up to observed the firefly, is totally one small thing that shine it bright. After all activtiy, we get into bus and back to the Shell house. It take us about 1hour and everyone on the bus fell asleep after their whole day running or walking in the park which 3 Kilometre i think. When we reached the Shell house, we went back our respetive home. Thank God for the safe journey and no injury in the Natural Hunt.

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