Tuesday, January 6, 2009

World's 10 Least Intelligent Dogs

1. Afghan Hound: Many insist that the Afghan hound is the king of the dogs. Its tendency to freeze and look into the distance is interpreted by some as the dog recalling ancient memories when it sat among kings and pharaohs. This aristocratic and elegant breed was, believe it or not, once used to hunt snow leopards! Its quarries also included jackals, wolves, foxes and marmots.2. Basenji: A rather sad-looking, short dog from Africa, the Basenji hunts by sight and sound. It doesn't bark through it is not mute. Independent, affectionate and alert, the Basenji boasts a lineage all the way to the pharaohs. It ability tp remain silent when hunting made it a great asset and its nickname is Barkless Dog.3. Bulldog: This famaous breed looks ferocious and nasty with lolling tongue and rolling eyes, but is, in fact, equable, resolute and dignigfied. The ''bull'' in its name was due to it being used as a bull bait, as the original dog was courageous and almost insensitive to pain. It was also used for dog fights. Its adorable wrinkles and fondness of children makes it a great family pet.
4. Chow Chow: A masterpiece of exotic beauty this Chinese breed is famous for thick fur that gives it a lion-like appearancce, scowling expression, stilted gait and blue tongue. The Blue Chow even has a matching blue nose! This all-purpose dog was used for herding, hunting and home protection though now it is a permanent fixture in dog shows for its grand appearance. It has limited peripheral vision, so it is the best approached from the front.
5. Borzoi: Another majestic and classy creature, the Borzoi is synonymous with imperial Russia. Originally used by the Tsars to chase game on open plains, the Borzoi's flowing lines make it look fast even when standing still.
6. Bloodhound: A hunting dog that uses scents, the bloodhund works best in large groups. It is known for sagging folds around the head and neck. Powerful, affectionate and somewhat shy, it responds well to kindness or correction by its master. An ancient breed, it was kept before Christ was born and reached its pinnacle of fame in the United States when used in law enforcement.
7. Pekinese: The most famous of all lapdogs, the pekinese was long loved in Chinese courts and fawned over by empresses, concubines and eunuchs. Though small, its spectacular fur and markings are show-off's dream come true - for both dog and owner! Its independence, individuality and natural snoothiness can be very appealing. Suprisingly heavy(14Ibs), it is regal, demanding and opinionated, as befits a breed that has been amazingly kept pure since the 8th century. Breeding bitches back then were displayed in their sleeping quarters to induce a likeness.
8. Mastiff and Beagle: Resembling an overgrown Bulldog, the Mastiff is massive and bulky, and more known for being dignified than playful. Caesar was moved by them during his invasion of Britain in 55BC when the Mastiffs fought and died alongside their masters. The Mastiff was later matched against human gladiators as well as bears, bulls, lions and tigers. Meanwhile, Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip will never recover from this ranking, for beagles are happy-go-lucky and merry, and enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. Curious and comic, they follow their noses and often end up in mischief and hilarious situations.
9. Basset Hound: Resembling a cross between the Dachshund or sausage dog and the beagle, the Basset Hound so short-legged and long-eared, giving it a clumsy appearance. However, it is remarkably agile in the field and has great endurance. Of French origin, they were bred for hunting hares, rabbits and deer.
10. Shih Tzu: With its long, floor-sweeping double coat and royal bearing, the Shih Tzu was another imperial court favourite. It was cross-bred from the Lhasp Apso(or Tibetan Moutain dog) and the Pekinese. Shih Tzu means ''lion'', and the little dog is reputed to possesses the heart of a lion. Though small, playful and mischievous, it is not afraid to stand up for itself and defend its master. Like most toy dogs, Shih Tzus are high maintenance creatures.


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