Monday, January 12, 2009

Twelve Golden Rules Of Dog Ownership

Dogs are attentive, loyal and understanding friends to their owners. But owning a dog means taking responsibility for him. So read carefully to ensure that you and your dog stay out of trouble. Society establishes certain laws in regard to caring for dogs and these differ depending on where you live. But there are some general rules that are worth bearing in mind: Dogs must be walked only on a collar and leash. If your dog bites someone, the responsibility rests with you. The same applies when a dog damages property.

The Twelve Golden Rules:
1. Love, admire and respect your dog as your companion and as an individual. Your dog is a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent member of the canine species. Be patient with him. Don't hurt, abandon or ignore him. Get help before you give up on him.

2. Consult your veterinarian about spaying or neutering your dog if you know you will not breed him. Neutering helps to control the severe pet population problem, and also has health benefits for male and female dogs.

3. Provide regular veterinary care for your dog. Annual vaccinations, checkups and dental exams are essential to good health.

4. Get a license, and place identification on your dog. In addition, you should identify your dog with a name tag, or computer chip on case he gets lost.

5. Feed your dog a balanced diet and provide fresh water at all times.

6. Train your dog to have good manners.

7. Keep your dog clean and groomed. Regular grooming keeps your dog looking hist best and helps to detect and control skin parasites that could be spread to human/mankind.

8. Play with your dog at least 20-30 minutes a day. Avoid chase games, tug of war, and wrestling.

9. Exercise your dog at least 30 minutes daily.

10. Provide your dog with a chance to socialize with people and other dogs. Do not leave him cooped up in the house or yard - it leads to barking and aggressive behavior.

11. Understand and obey local leash laws.

12. Always clean up after your dog in public places.

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