Saturday, December 27, 2008

Few Hours At Putra Jaya

This morning, I had my breakfast with I missing it long ago that is Bak Kut Teh. After I had my breakfast, my parents and I went to Putra Jaya. When we reached Putra Jaya, the place is so big, the lampost beside the road in Putra Jaya will many kinds, there had curve shape, round shape and alot more. The most important will be the Prime Minister's Office, I think Malaysia wanted to copy some ideas from United State taking their White House ideas to build Prime Minister's Office. At the mean time, I had a Ais Kacang with a big scuop of ice-cream on the top, we shared the ais kacang together. We stoped down few times on the road to take some picture, a beautiful lake there, nice landskape, a big mousem with a golden stick top there and many big buliding along the way. We end our trip at Putra Jaya at 1p.m.++ and get home about 3.30p.m.++. Thanks God for the safe journey and not lost at the highway.

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