Monday, January 4, 2010

1st day of school in 2010

Time passed fast. Now this year is my last year to study in my school, as you know the last year of the school mostly is form 5 and form 5's students have to take up one examination call Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), this examination contains form 4 & form 5 syallbus. From now on everyone who taking this examination have to start dig something out your best of the examination. So today my 1st day in school, teachers already started teaching their syallbus and we had homework to done in the 1st day, and also usually asking for PIBG fees. Now my school life is back, tutions, studies, homeworks that eaten up many of my times, sometimes I can't even go for any sports games too and our ''man juices fellowships'' can only held on weekends. Nevermind of that, we need patient to do something as the bible told us that we need patient, so we need patient to wait the good time to had our fellowships and we shall humble not complaining that school is bad, if we didn't go for school how can we know more friends, more words, more knowledge, more mature on thinking, more capable on doing somethings, more punctual on time to somewhere. The second day of the school and rest forever might take us some good memories and bad memories too, so keep it up that those who are still studying and also those who are working that the Lord is always be with you as long you have the strong faith in Him and fear Him keep His commandments. As though in Hebrews 10:37-39, that Israel feared that they will lost in the war so that they drew back. Their drawing back in fear was a serious sin, as Numbers 14:9 shows. Drawing back in fear or failing to enter the fray is on a par with rebellion because it is a rejection of God's Word, a despising of His promise. Thanks God for the a safety New Year on everyone of us.

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