Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yi Hean's Birthday

On 31 October 2009, guess what one of my good friend's birthday. So I was invited by other of my good friend, Yu Hang who organized today's program. Starting in the morning we went Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi to have a movie, another than movie we went for our lunch at BBQ Plaza(The Green Fat Dragon). While we finished our lunch, some of us went to buy present for birthday boy. Seacrhing, looking, finding and guess what we bought? A Madza Bag. That bag costed Rm 150++, after it discount it turn down to Rm 105++, so some of them argee to buy this bag so I had no other choices to choose but buy this bag. After bought this bag, we headed back to the BBQ Plaza and pay our food. The foods price sudenly turn up from Rm195++ become Rm 205++, that was too much for everyone of us but we bet we had our good lunch on that prices. So after paying, Ung Chuan went back and we continue our program, we go for our movie, Poker King. This movie contains some funny parts, serious parts but more the less we had our good after exam time to relax our stress to watch movie. After the movie over, we went to played games at wonderland, guess what we saw, a pro shooter who was aged about 8-9 years old playing the game shooting basketball thing, he keep shooting in non-stops and broke the record points more then 300++ that was wonderful. So at the end, we leave at about 6p.m.. Thanks to Ting Yuen's mother who fetched us there and Yi Hean's father who sended us back.

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